“My Kingdom Is Not Of This World”




“My Kingdom is not of this world”

These words from Lord Jesus

I want to remember always

I do not belong here

I cannot find happiness here

I will not be able to love here

I will not be loved here

I am limited here

I feel sad here

I long somewhere else

To His Kingdom

(text on painting is in Swedish)


2 thoughts on ““My Kingdom Is Not Of This World”

  1. It is sad to me when some people express not being able to be happy while on earth. It is almost as if they cannot wait to go “up there” and wait until that day comes. They seem to miss the blessing of having the opportunity to live this life the fullest by serving others unconditionally. I believe heaven can be lived here on earth if we so desire. The Kingdom that Jesus referred to is the Life that most people don’t usually live on earth (“not of this world”) but can choose to do so without having to wish for a next life (“you are the light of the world/salt of the earth”).

  2. I am sorry to make you sad. I do not talk about total hopelessness or so. I just mean that we should not expect happiness here. We can make it as Heaven but it is very difficutl and needs complete cooperation. But it is possible to be almost in Heaven if you totally live with Christ and be able to be like Him and follow in all things you do. I pray for purification and development…. And Mercy…

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