Mary And Jesus

Mary and JesusMary and Jesus, painting by Taruna

My beloved ones

You give me all


To serve and live

For You

And Our Father

Morning Has Come

Morning starThe Morning star, painting by TarunaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Is risen

It’s already there

In the dark sky

Why is your heart

Still sad

Mourning the loss

Of your own desires

A Vision Of God

SometimesA Vision, painting by Taruna

in nature

one can see

the hand of God

Just like a vision

or an image


Who is the Boss

He Is Greater

His love is bigger Sea, painting by Taruna

Than the ocean

His mercy greater

Than the sea

His longing stronger

Than the waves

The First Candle

The first candleAdvent 2, painting by Taruna

Holds all promises

Holds all awaiting

The first candle

Shows all light

Shows all mercy

Now it is just

A matter of time

The Kiss Of The Lord

In between In between, painting by Taruna

There is shallow

You never dive deep

But it has it’s beauty

There the playful waves

Are just touching the stone

Like kissing it

Like A Stone

Cliffs, painting by TarunaHow does it feel

To be so firm

And stout

So settled

I wish for it

But same time

I am afraid

To become

Like a stone

Thunder Will Come

Thunder will soon comeThunder will come, painting by Taruna

The sea is waiting

The sand is hiding

Man is going home

Believing he is


Dancing Sea

In a religious textdancing sea, painting by Taruna

it is written

“God says:

Of all the waters

I am the ocean”

If so

Then God is dancing

Like the waves

Of the sea

Great Gift

Great gift of salvationSalvation, painting by Taruna

Glow on us

Great Love from God

Give us the light

Great daylight of Heaven

Grow in our scene


Seeing The Great Artist

Seeing Your abundanceAbundance, painting by Taruna

in Creation

I admire


Seeing Your Art

in Nature

I adore


Seeing Your colors

in action

I Love


You Are

You areA Sunny Day, painting by Taruna

more than Your creation

You are

wider than the sky

You are

waster than the sea

You are

harder than stone

You are

softer than water

You are

more shining than the sun

How wonderful You must be

Silver On The Sea

Silver on the seaGlitter, painting by Taruna

Can you catch it

with your hands

Be rich

In your pocket


You can Catch it

with your eyes

And be rich

In your heart


Even If…

Reflections in the dark sea, painting by Taruna

Even if the sea

is dark

it still can

reflect the light



Even if life

seems blackish

it still can

reflect God’s mercy

Colors of nature

Depth and shallow, painting by Taruna

The colors of nature

is showing its’ face

to me

a bright day

The sea has taken on

a multihued dress

And the stones

are keen on

reflecting them

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